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BTC Insurance was formed to help companies and individuals navigate the insurance market place and better understand their coverage as it relates to their operational and personal risk.

The founder, Steve Kirchen, began his insurance career as a commercial underwriter where he spent more than a decade evaluating and understanding the unique risks businesses face. Later, he decided to transition from an underwriter to a broker allowing him an opportunity to work closer with clients evaluating their unique risks.  Our goal is to build an insurance and risk management program around your company or family needs.  The agency has seen considerable growth: additional services, employees and lines of coverage have been added to offer our clients a full pallet of services so that all of their needs can be met under one roof.

The buying public has been taught that you can buy a policy online or call a faceless company and they will just take care of it.  Businesses and individuals are complex and no one should be treated otherwise.  These risks are often discounted or ignored by the buyer, internet or untrained agent.  One size does not fit all.  Meeting with one of our brokers allows us to see what you are doing, ask questions and offer solutions.  We can help navigate you or your company through this decision to make the best use of your dollars.  Give us a call and see the difference.