Sometimes a claim is not resolved properly and it can leave you frustrated with the insurance company and adjuster.  Our agency can help you negotiate fair and proper claim payments on outstanding claims.

Key Benefits of Claim Dispute Services:

  • We understand the confusing language in your insurance policy and we can show you where coverage for your claim can be found within it.
  • While adjusters try to resolve each claim fairly, it’s important to remember they work for the insurance companies and may not have your best interests in mind.
  • There have been many times we have found coverage within the policy even after the claim has been initially denied.

Our Claim Service Capabilities:

Policy Clarification – Insurance policies can be long, confusing, and extremely hard to sort through.  We understand these policies and where to find the wording and provisions to help make your case.

Inside Information – With access to court decisions, industry standards, and claims material we have the necessary information to help you with the battles with adjusters.