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General Liability Insurance

Today’s litigious environment, characterized by plaintiff-friendly legal decisions, large jury awards, and litigation funding by private equity firms, combined with broader contract interpretations and medical inflation, has made it challenging for many companies in tougher industry classes to obtain favorable General Liability insurance pricing and coverage terms. At BTC Insurance, we have the experience, expertise, and longstanding relationships with top-tier insurance companies to obtain the coverage you need.

Third-Party Liability and Property Damage Coverage

General Liability insurance protects your assets in the event of third-party bodily injury or property damage from your services, employees, and business operations. For example, let’s say a visitor to a job site you’re working on sustains injuries. You may be legally liable for the injured party’s medical expenses and any settlement or verdict in a lawsuit. A General Liability policy will cover medical expenses, legal fees, and damages awarded to the injured party. This policy protects not only your finances but also your reputation.
Construction projects that include heavy equipment and materials increase the danger of property damage to a client’s or third-party assets. For example, a GC managing a new home build could be sued for any damage to the property while working on a project. General Liability coverage will cover the costs of the damage if the GC is found liable.

Completed Products Liability, Advertising Liability Coverage

A General Liability policy also provides completed products coverage and claims of libel, slander, defamation, privacy invasion, and copy infringement due to misleading advertising.  For example, let’s say a food manufacturer is sued by a competitor who claims that it copied a trademarked image on its packaging. The competitor asks the court to stop the manufacturer from using the image and seeks $1 million in compensation. A General Liability policy will pay the legal fees for defending the lawsuit and the damages, up to the policy limit.
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