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Protect your collateral interest, ensure mortgage customers are covered against risk

All financial institutions require that their borrowers maintain adequate insurance on their property when applying for a mortgage. Should a borrower fail to maintain the required property coverage for a variety of reasons—policy expiration, cancellation or even just a simple oversight – most standard provisions in mortgages allow a lender to protect its financial interest in the property (its collateral) in the event a loss occurs with lender-placed insurance products.


BTC Insurance Services, LLC offers lending organizations, ranging from small community banks and credit unions to the nation’s largest bank-holding and non-bank financial organizations, lender-placed insurance, including hazard, flood and wind insurance when needed, in the event a client’s policy lapses or if the bank deems the property insurance insufficient. Our experience and deep understanding of the mortgage enables you to secure your assets and ensure your customers are covered.

Advanced Technology Platform Keeps Track of Policies

Our team of insurance and compliance experts will ensure the requirements of wholesale lenders, auditors and regulatory agencies are met. In addition, the insurers with which we partner utilize state-of-the art technology platforms to track that single or multi-collaterized loans have the proper policy in place. The platforms handle all borrower notifications and billings.

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About BTC Insurance

For more than a decade, BTC Insurance has been committed to serving the insurance needs of the Utah community. Our approach is not only to provide you with insurance products that fit your exposures but to also help you put into place loss control and safety measures to mitigate and minimize losses. This takes experience and expertise – exactly what you will find with BTC Insurance.