Preventing Water Damage

Did you know that water damage is the number one cause of homeowners insurance claims?  In fact, 98% of all basements will experience some sort of water damage and approximately 37% of all homeowners will report a financial loss from water damage. Even just a small leak can prevent major problems.  For example, just a […]

December 2, 2020

Insurance Cancellation vs. Non-renewal

There’s a difference between an insurance company canceling a policy and choosing not to renew it. Auto insurance cancellation Insurance companies cannot cancel a policy that has been in force for more than 60 days except when: You fail to pay the premium You have committed fraud or made serious misrepresentations on your application Your […]

November 28, 2020

Risk Exposures Faced by Today’s Manufacturers

In the consumer-driven world of manufacturing, companies within this broad industry face many risks. Manufacturing is a critical component of the American economy, producing goods for personal and commercial uses. From operational risks to liability exposures, all manufacturers must take the steps needed to identify potential risks and manage them accordingly. Utah manufacturers insurance is […]

November 25, 2020

Kitchen Safety

You already know kitchen safety is important — but you might not know how frequently kitchen mishaps happen. Did you know that cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires in the U.S.? Prevent kitchen fires. Play close attention to what you’re doing and to your surroundings. Keep flammable items, such as oven mitts […]

November 11, 2020
Construction Site Accidents

Key Strategies for Reducing Construction Site Accidents

Construction is booming across the United States. New projects are being completed in every state, including a significant number of sites in Utah. Within these dynamic work areas, a high rate of injuries is all too common. The construction industry is known for its many risks, primarily in the injuries of construction workers. Site owners […]

October 21, 2020

Avoiding Home Improvement Scams

After a disaster, you most likely want to fix your damaged home as soon as possible. However, did you know this is also a prime time for fraudulent contractors to scam you out of money? To help protect your home and your wallet, here are five tips to keep in mind when you’re hiring help […]

October 12, 2020
Lender-Placed Insurance

How Can You Remove Lender-Placed Insurance?

When a person secures a loan for a home purchase, financial institutions require that those borrowers maintain adequate mortgage insurance on the property. If a homeowner should fail to maintain that insurance for any number of reasons, the lender is typically able to protect its own financial interests with so-called lender-placed insurance. In the state […]

October 7, 2020

RV Insurance: The Basics

RV insurance protects your motorhome, travel trailer, camper, fifth wheel, etc. You can choose from a variety of coverages meant to protect your vehicle and provide peace of mind on trips and vacations or if you use your RV as a permanent residence. If you’re driving a motorhome, you’ll also need liability coverage to stay […]

September 28, 2020

Key Insurance Coverages for Manufacturers

The manufacturing sector is an important part of the American economy. Manufacturing provides an incredible array of consumer and industrial products each year. From small manufacturing operations to sprawling plants, this business sector faces a range of operational risks from employee, property, and liability exposures. Manufacturers in Utah are not immune to these risks, necessitating […]

September 23, 2020

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