Is a captive insurance solution right for your business?

Gain Greater Control Over Your Insurance Costs, Risks

As specialists in the heavy construction and manufacturing industries, BTC Insurance can help you change the course of risk with alternative insurance solutions, including through a group or rent-a-captive. Captives may be the right fit for companies with $100,000 in premium each for General Liability and Workers’ Compensation.

Group Captives

A group captive is an insurance firm owned and run solely for the benefit of its captive members. It enables middle-market employers to boost their underwriting credibility by leveraging collective purchasing power. Group captives have the authority to select service providers, decide coverage levels, manage losses, guide the use of excess coverage, and, ultimately, share in the results to create bottom-line profit. Leveraging this joint power enables medium-sized enterprises to balance risk retention with transfer, lowering costs and promoting long-term stability between covered group members and underwriters.
Group captives can be heterogeneous or homogeneous. A heterogeneous captive insures a group of unrelated enterprises from several industries. It promotes strong growth through risk diversification. A homogenous captive is an entity controlled by several enterprises in the same industry segment or association with comparable insurance requirements.


Rent-a-captives allow third parties to access a captive facility in order to construct a captive cell without incurring the financial and logistical costs of incorporating a separate captive entity.

Benefits of a rent-a-captive include:

BTC can discuss whether your business makes a good candidate for a captive, depending on your company’s premium size, risk exposure, financial stability, and safety and loss control programs, among other factors.

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