Premium Audits can be difficult and hard to understand. We can help make sure your audit is done fairly and accurately.

Key Benefits of Audit Services:

  • An accurate audit ensures you don’t overpay on your policy.
  • Proper classifications can help decrease your annual premiums.
  • Whereas auditors are paid by the insurance companies, we work directly for you and make sure your best interests are protected.

Our Audit Service Capabilities:

  1. Policy Review– We will comb through your policy to ensure we understand your premium basis and the best way to approach your upcoming audit.
  2. Class Code Verification– We will make sure your policy has been written with the proper classification codes to avoid overpaying on your premium.
  3. Payroll Minimums and Maximums– Did you know there are little-known rules surrounding payroll classifications that will help you avoid paying too much in premium?  For example, there are types of payroll that can actually be excluded from your policy completely.
  4. Future Planning– Using your current financial statements, we can help your company project the proper payroll and revenue estimates to avoid large premium audits.